VLS Bulletin – May 2020 – VLS010158

VLS 010158 – Aztec Oils Endurance Premium V 5w/30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

On 16th May 2018 the case was reported to VLS.

The complaint alleged that product did not meet its stated claims of API SN/CF, ACEA C3, BMW LL-04, GM Dexos2, MB 229.51 and Porsche C30. Additionally the complainant claimed that no formulation existed in the market which could cover the claim for both GM Dexos2 and VW 504 00/507 00. The complainant also claimed to have tested a sample of the product for High Temp/High Shear (HTHS), Sulphated Ash (SA) and Total Base Number (TBN) properties.

VLS independently procured a sample of the product and tested it for HTHS, SA and TBN properties. The independent product test returned an HTHS value of 3.26 mPa.s which is below the specification value of 3.5 mPa.s minimum, the test for sulphated ash returned a result of 0.71% against an upper C3 limit of 0.8%, and for TBN the test result was 6.6 mg KOH/g against the minimum ACEA C3 limit of 6.0 mg KOH/g.

Consequently the independent results led VLS to uphold the complaint in terms of HTHS, but not in terms of SA and TBN.

In response to the complaint the Named Party investigated the cause of the HTHS issue and resolved to review their operational procedures to ensure it did not recur. The Named Party also withdrew the claim against Dexos2 and ensured all claims made on the product’s label were fully aligned with those contained within the product’s Technical Data Sheet.

On 13th December 2019 VLS undertook a six month review of the case. A sample of the product could not be obtained on the open market. Consequently it was agreed that as the product had been withdrawn from the open market, the case would be closed.

Consequently VLS is satisfied that the complaint has been fully met and the case is resolved.

David Wright, Company Secretary – VLS (UK) Ltd says “We want to ensure we have the highest standards in Europe for lubricant manufacture, blending and marketing, and we want a ‘level playing field’ for all participants, so that we protect the interests of the consumer and other end users.

In the Verification of Lubricant Specifications (UK) Ltd, we have set our course for stronger industry self-regulation by working positively towards more open and transparent competition that benefits all lubricant organisations. By working with the sector to resolve non compliant products in an independent and impartial manner, we can support companies to compete on a more equitable basis in a highly competitive marketplace.”

May 2020

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