VLS Newsletter July 2019

VLS Newsletter July 2019

Case summary

Overall the number of cases stands at 61, with 2 products under investigation and 51 cases archived.

Case Update

Case outcomes have been published for Case 10153 regarding Aztec Synthetic 5w30 C3 following a six month review, and Case 10155 regarding Synmax Spectrum 5w30, also following a six month review.

The outcome at the end of the investigation for Case 10160 regarding Toyota First 5w30 C3, has been published and the case escalated to Trading Standards.

To view the case outcomes, visit https://ukla-vls.org.uk/case-outcomes/

Industry News


Outgoing Secretary General Susan Hancock has been replaced by Christine Marlet


ACEA welcomes the conclusion of a trade deal between the European Union and the South American trade bloc, Mercosur https://www.acea.be/press-releases/article/auto-makers-welcome-conclusion-of-eu-mercosur-trade-deal

ACEA revised its forecast for passenger car registrations in 2019 to -1%. https://www.acea.be/press-releases/article/auto-industry-revises-2019-car-sales-forecast-to-1


Car Mechanics magazine, June 2019

Featured an article on VLS’s role and purpose.

Autotechnician, June 2019

Reported on the new VLS marketing claims process.

CAT magazine for June 2019

Reported on the issue of lubricants and Brexit from VLS’s perspective.

Scots Auto Scene, issue 164

Featured and article by VLS on choosing the right oil for the vehicle.

Scots Auto Scene, Issue 163

Featured a double page spread on the need for lubricants to help meet lower emission standards.

Transport Engineer, June 2019

VLS warns that CO2 emission reductions could end up invalidating warranty claims made by garages.

Also in Transport Engineer June 2019, VLS Chairman Andrew Goddard commented on the impact on lubricants of bio fuels.


FACTS magazine, Issue 151, Page 21, half page advert

Professional Motor Mechanic, June 2019, half page advert

Scots Auto Scene, issue 164 Page 69, half page advert

Scots Auto Scene, issue 163, Page 109 half page advert

Commercial Vehicle Workshop magazine, June 2019 half page advert

Aftermarket magazine, June 2019 half page advert

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