VLS Bulletin – December 2019 – VLS010164

VLS Case 010164 – 5W-40 PCEO

On 25th October 2019 the case was reported to VLS.

The claim concerned the use of outdated and conflicting ACEA engine oil sequences, namely A3/B4 and C3 as a combined claim on product labelling made available through an online internet channel.

VLS reviewed the evidence with reference to the website description, product labelling and Technical Data Sheet of the product which are available on the Named Party’s website. These details omitted the ACEA A3/B4 claim and retained reference to ACEA C3 only. This evidence has been provided to the complainant.

Consequently VLS do not believe that the Named Party is currently making these claims and instead this is a housekeeping issue of a distributor instead retaining outdated product information, so VLS has raised this matter informally with the company concerned.

VLS considers that there is no case to answer in this matter and has moved to close the case.

David Wright, Company Secretary – VLS (UK) Ltd says “We want to ensure we have the highest standards in Europe for lubricant manufacture, blending and marketing, and we want a ‘level playing field’ for all participants, so that we protect the interests of the consumer and other end users.

In the Verification of Lubricant Specifications (UK) Ltd, we have set our course for stronger industry self-regulation by working positively towards more open and transparent competition that benefits all lubricant organisations. By working with the sector to resolve non compliant products in an independent and impartial manner, we can support companies to compete on a more equitable basis in a highly competitive marketplace.”

December 2019

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