VLS Newsletter January 2018

VLS Newsletter January 2018

ATIEL Appointments

Marco Digioia has been appointed the new ATIEL President and takes up his position in January 2018, replacing outgoing President Peter Tjan. Based in Brussels, Marco is a professional lobbyist with 14-years’ experience of positioning in Brussels for transport organisations.

Jef Soetewey, a former lubricant blending plant manager, has been appointed to manage the EELQMS LoC scheme (SAIL).  Jef took up his position on 1 December and is responsible for managing the operation of ATIEL’s ongoing programme of market surveys that are used to monitor the quality of automotive lubricants in the marketplace and their level of compliance with the ACEA sequences.


VLS Receives Four New Cases

Four new cases have been received by VLS. Two product complaints concern 5W30 automotive engine oils and all four concern the performance standards and technical specification of the product. The complaints have been reviewed by the Technical Review Panel. The cases relate to the ability of the products involved to meet their own technical specifications and the claims they make regarding OEM specifications. https://ukla-vls.org.uk/latest-news/

VLS Case 010115

VLS has published its final findings concerning case 115 following a six month review to ensure continued compliance. The case notice can be seen at :


Press Coverage

Andrew Goddard spoke to UK Haulier in January about how the wrong oil could be costing fleet owners’ money. You can read the article at https://www.ukhaulier.co.uk/news/road-transport/fleet/the-wrong-oil-choice-could-be-costing-your-fleet-money/

In January CAT, the magazine of the aftermarket, featured an article by Andrew Goddard, Chairman of VLS, on the challenge the aftermarket faces with the advent of electric vehicles. The article can be read here https://www.catmag.co.uk/electric-vehicles-vs-the-aftermarket

VLS was featured in Fleet Alliance magazine in December warning against the dangers of choosing the wrong oil. The article can be seen here. https://www.fleetalliance.co.uk/wrong-oil-costing-fleet-money/

On January 19, VLS featured in the Road Haulage Association’s Roadway magazine on maintaining standards in the lubricant industry. https://twitter.com/hashtag/Roadway?src=hash

Professional Motor Factor magazine featured an interview with Andrew Goddard in their December edition talking about the role of VLS in the lubricants sector. The artic le can be found here :  https://pmfmag.co.uk/business-training/what-verification-lubricant-specifications/

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