VLS Newsletter January 2019

VLS Newsletter January 2019

Case summary

Overall the number of cases stands at 60, with 4 products under investigation and 6 products compliant following case investigation and a further 1 following the six month review.

ATIEL, the European Lubricants Technical Association, has issued a press release about a further amendment to the ACEA 2016 engine oil sequences which corrects some previous errors included in the August 2018 version.


UEIL, the European Lubricants Association, has issued a technical bulletin about its technical committee investigation regarding Volvo Trucks.


Case Update

Case 010157 – Aztec Oils Agri Plant MS Ultra 15w/40 heavy duty diesel engine oil. The case concerned the use of ACEA 2008 engine oil sequences and the application of year date markers on the product data sheet, on the website and the product label claiming E9‐08.

VLS undertook a six month review of the case which indicated that compliance has been maintained for the product. Consequently VLS is satisfied that the complaint has been fully met and the case is resolved.

VLS 010156 – GSF Car Parts Ltd. Vetech High Performance Multi-Fleet Oil 5W/30 ESL PRO High Performance Multi-Fleet Extended Service Oil.

The complaint concerned the suitability for use of the product against its stated OEM applications as an example of marketing claims made on the product. VLS asked that the Named Party evaluate the scope of their marketing claims and confirmed the typical properties by way of corroboration by their additive supplier or technology partner.

VLS has now concluded its investigation of the complaint and is satisfied that the actions agreed with the Named Party have brought the product into compliance. In line with its stated process VLS will undertake a six month review of the case to ensure continued compliance and at this time VLS would wish to see only those claims that are supported by the Named Party’s technology provider being made in connection with the product, and for amendments in line with these supported claims to have been made to the product’s labelling, website description, Technical Data Sheet and any associated marketing material.

Case 010151 – Granville Oil & Chemicals Ltd. Hypalube Evo Fully Synthetic 5W/30

The complaint concerned the application of ACEA 2012 C2 and C3 sequences and also OEM specifications pertaining to VW 504.00/507.00, PSA B71 2290 and GM LL–A/B–025 for which it was claimed that no additive package was currently available. In addition it was also claimed that the product did not meet its own stated NOACK volatility measure. The Named Party cooperated fully with the investigation and undertook their own internal investigation, eventually deciding to discontinue the product effective 30th June 2018.

VLS undertook a six month review of the case and found that the Named Party had implemented the agreed actions to withdraw and replace the non-compliant product from the marketplace. As part of its investigation VLS found some isolated instances where distributors claimed to be selling the previous non-compliant product. In the majority of these cases the available stock was very limited or non-existent. The Named Party undertook to follow up on all of these cases.

Consequently VLS is satisfied that the Named Party is doing all they can to resolve the issue and the case is closed.

You can read more about our case outcomes at https://ukla-vls.org.uk/case-outcomes/


Lube magazine February 2019 – VLS Chairman Andrew Goddard discusses the role of additive technology in the final lubricant formulation.


Professional Motor Mechanic February 2019 – VLS Chairman Andrew Goddard explained the changes to the ACEA 2016 engine oil sequences and the impact on garages and workshops.


Auto Repair Focus Insight e-newsletter January 2019 – featured a report from VLS on misleading packaging still causing confusion.


CAT magazine January 2019 – featured an article on Back in the Day, 5 years ago, which included mention of the formation of VLS in 2013.


CAT magazine January 2019 – also included a report by VLS on the impact of Brexit on the automotive sector, Page 35.


Lubes N Greases EMEA January 2019 – featured a report by VLS on the impact of Brexit on the UK automotive lubricants market, pages 8 and 9.


Professional Motor Factor, December 2018, page 29 featured an article by Andrew Goddard on changes to the ACEA automotive engine oil sequences.


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