VLS Bulletin – July 2019 – VLS010153

VLS 010153 – Aztec Oils PCMO Fully Synthetic 5W/30

On 7th December 2017 the case was reported to VLS.

The case concerned the product’s non compliance with its own stated HTHS and Noack volatility parameters.

VLS procured and tested a sample of the product and found that the HTHS parameter was non-compliant with the product’s HTHS specification, although it was compliant regarding its Noack parameter.

When initially independently tested the product failed the HTHS limit of 3.5 cP minimum. The result obtained through testing of 3.44 cP would round down to 3.4 cP. This value was below the specification limit but within the reproducibility of the test.

The Named Party agreed to amend the formulation to make it more robust with respect to HTHS.

On the 12th March 2019 VLS undertook a six month review of the case. VLS procured and independently tested a second sample of the product with a batch code showing the date of manufacture as January 2019, after the initial investigation was complete.   The HTHS result for the second sample made some time after the agreement to amend the formulation showed no sign of an improvement. The obtained result of 3.43 cP would round down to 3.4 cP. This value was below the specification limit but within the reproducibility of the test.

Production figures for HTHS supplied by the Named Party and quoted to 2 decimal places show results both above and below the 3.5cP minimum specification limit against a certified sample of 3.54cP, but all would round to 3.5 cP so would therefore constitute a passes.

Consequently VLS considers that the case is closed.

David Wright, Company Secretary – VLS (UK) Ltd says “We want to ensure we have the highest standards in Europe for lubricant manufacture, blending and marketing, and we want a ‘level playing field’ for all participants, so that we protect the interests of the consumer and other end users.

In the Verification of Lubricant Specifications (UK) Ltd, we have set our course for stronger industry self-regulation by working positively towards more open and transparent competition that benefits all lubricant organisations. By working with the sector to resolve non compliant products in an independent and impartial manner, we can support companies to compete on a more equitable basis in a highly competitive marketplace.”

July 2019

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